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Recent Additions to the Database

Analysis of the 2022 Breastfeeding Recommendations by AAP, WHO, and AAFP

Paper Summary The American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) current recommendations on when to initiate breastfeeding include a variety of limitations and prerequisites. Each of them aims, in varying degrees, to ensure the mother and child’s maximum safety during the feeding process as well as the newborn’s maximum benefit. The American...

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in a Former Soldier

Introduction After completing his third tour of service in the army, Roberto has come home to his spouse Lora, a 29-year-old White lady of Swedish and Irish ancestry, and their 6-year-old son Michael. Roberto, a 30-year-old Mexican American, spent his past two deployments in Afghanistan. Up until now, Roberto has...

Lung Cancer: Types, Symptoms, and Risk Factors

Cancer causes otherwise healthy cells to grow out of control, that is, they grow too fast without dying off. Healthy cells die at a given stage in their life cycle but this does not happen with cancer, causing tumors to grow. Lung cancer is a cancer that starts in the...

Covid-19 Pandemic’s Effects on Interior Design Profession

The coronavirus has already impacted the furniture and building design industries, with current innovations emerging and experts in this field becoming beneficial. The coronavirus has influenced how interiors are designed, the customer wants and needs, and the labour required of an industrial decorator. The following study evaluates Coronavirus influences on...

Climate Change: A News Article

Author Profile The subject of climate change is significant, urgent, and ongoing. All of our daily activities, including mining, significantly affect the problem’s development and put plants, animals, and future generations in danger, which is why this issue is crucial to me. I want to live a long life in...

History of Enslaved People and Native Americans

Introduction Native Americans and Europeans had much in common during the Age of Discovery, but they also had several distinct differences. As explorers came over from Europe for trade and conquest, a conflict between cultures was inevitable1. As noted in the lectures, Native Americans relied on nature for survival due...

Digital Transformation at First Abu Dhabi Bank

Executive Summary Digitization in banking is the migration to customer services offered on the internet platform in a wider spectrum through process automation. As an industry player, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) has been implementing a digital financial management system, as a strategy to enhance its operations and service delivery...

Math: An Evidence-Based Instructional Strategy

Introduction The selected lesson to complete the course activities and the final project is an introduction to calculus. The lesson is taught in higher education (undergraduate level), and it entails teaching students how to find the exact derivative of functions from their formula without utilizing graphical methods. The rules learned...

Ideas of Classical Political Economists in the Modern World

The predictions of classical political economists about the future economic picture of the world have largely failed to materialize in the real world. However, the works of Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, David Ricardo, and Karl Marx have contributed significantly to the development of economic sciences. The findings of these philosophers...

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka has much to say about gender roles, especially when examined through the feminist lens. When they ought to be contemplating the more significant phenomenon of the mirror for a feminist, the ambiguities in Kafka’s vocabulary create a tension between socially acceptable views of women and...

Reading the News on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Introduction It is crucial to have the ideal approach to make sure that someone understands the author’s intended meaning or goal for the post, whether they are reading to relax while sipping coffee, learning more about current events around the globe, or establishing a connection to their community. Since they...

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Introduction The paper presents a discussion one has made on Evidence-based practice (EBP). As you have highlighted, EBP involves using scientific knowledge in medical practice. It is defined as a problem-solving methodology that combines the best available practices from recent literature, and clinical experience and respects the patient’s values (Zuzelo,...