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Recent Additions to the Database

The 2018 School Shooting and Other Incidents

School shootings are horrific events bearing a lot of grief to families and the community. One of the deadliest incidents happened in Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a former student Nikolas Cruz injured 17 people and killed 17 others (“Teen gunman kills,” 2019). In my understanding, this event...

Ethics of Stanford Prison Experiment

Introduction Ethics and morality occupy an essential place in the life of society. These concepts were formed many centuries ago and remain essential to this day. Ethics is of particular importance in the field of criminal law. This is due to the fact that it is in this area of...

Grendel’s Monstrous Nature Described by Gardner

Introduction As described by John Gardner, Grendel is a giant monster who subsists underground with his mother in a cave. Grendel’s exact nature is left mysterious since he resembles a huge man that takes four troopers to lift and transport his head. He is believed to be an offspring of...

Family Therapy: Henning’s Family

Introduction Jeffrey and Michelle, who have been married since 1984, have three children, namely Julia, Sarah, and David. The family has perpetually experienced domestic disputes, which have resulted in Julia being used as the medium of communication between the family members. Worse still, the entire family avoids addressing its problems...

Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” Analysis

In Flannery O’Connor’s best-known short story, “It’s Hard to Find a Good Man,” the problem of good and evil is linked to faith, religion, an act of mercy, and, of course, to the problems and “remnants” of the Old South. It seems that the answer to the question of who...

The Relationship between Winston Smith and Julia from 1984

George Orwell’s 1984 became the cultural code of the generation and a living symbol for the word “anti-utopia”. The novel was conceived in 1943, when World War II was in full swing, and the USSR turned out to be one of the few powerful shields against the Nazis. Stalin’s rule,...

Comparing “The Cold Equations” by Godwin and “The Other Celia” by Sturgeon

While considering the stories “The Cold Equations” by Godwin and “The Other Celia” by Sturgeon, one can note that they both use female characters as the key subjects in their works. In addition, each of the female characters faces the circumstances beyond their control, and their lives depend on the...

Gendered Behavior and Negative Stereotypes

The traditional conservative world only approved of heterosexuality as the normative identity. However, I have adopted new behaviors with new trends and changes, creating a significant difference between my new and old lifestyle (Lorber 4). As the eldest female daughter in a conservative family, my life was defined by gender-based...

Interpersonal Communication in Military Leadership

Introduction It is well-known that people cannot live without interpersonal communication, and precisely communication is the key to successful interaction and development of societies. All over the world, humans use a vast number of different ways to send and receive messages, and researchers actively study these ways. While the role...

Problem of Homelessness in California

The state of California is facing a homelessness crisis that needs an effective response. This condition was created and perpetuated by a number of crucial factors including subpar housing policies, a complicated registration process, and a low supply of affordable housing. The Golden state has one of the fastest growing...

Archetypes and Myths in the Poems

An archetype can be defined as a type of character, an emotion, or even an event that notably runs across the life experiences of a human. The lover is the character that will do anything because of love. The rebel is the next archetype according to which the individuals will...

The American Dream as a Nightmare

Introduction The American dream is a slogan that has not lived to its goals. Those who coined the term envisaged a society marked by equality, freedom, and socio-economic opportunities. While successive regimes have tried to live true to the dream’s ideals, the challenges persist. Notably, cases of racism still exist...