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Recent Additions to the Database

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Introduction The paper presents a discussion one has made on Evidence-based practice (EBP). As you have highlighted, EBP involves using scientific knowledge in medical practice. It is defined as a problem-solving methodology that combines the best available practices from recent literature, and clinical experience and respects the patient’s values (Zuzelo,...

Sampling Methods: Types, Techniques & Examples

Introduction As part of an earlier project (SLP3), I formulated the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis with respect to the research question. Recall, in particular, that the null hypothesis postulates that travel has no effect on water consumption; while the alternative hypothesis assumed the opposite, that travel can influence...

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Analysis

Introduction The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, often known as Obamacare, is a comprehensive healthcare reform passed in the United States to expand access to affordable health insurance. Access to public health insurance has been revolutionized by its spectacular development over the years, with its influence spreading...

The Negative Effect of COVID-19 on Society

The coronavirus pandemic has had a substantial impact on all spheres of society. Therefore, it affected both the social, economic, and political aspects of people’s life. In particular, the influence of the pandemic and lockdown was felt by students of colleges and other educational institutions. With the spread of covid...

Healthcare Workers’ COVID-19 Vaccination Justification

Introduction The disruptive outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic have illustrated the ultimate value of healthcare professionals and the importance of their capability to manage the disease outbreak effectively and efficiently. As first responders, healthcare employees should be properly protected from contamination threats since their health directly impacts their patients and...

Hospital Environmental Management Practices

Research Problem Description As the number and capabilities of healthcare facilities continue to grow, so does the risk of negative environmental impacts from their operations. Thus, addressing relevant concerns from a managerial practice perspective is a priority, which is, at the same time, ISO compliant. There is not enough research...

Medicare Reimbursement vs. Private Insurance

Introduction Social Security programs are a set of government programs that are offered to people to meet their needs. They are available to individuals who pay a tax or contribution to the insurance, after which participants receive discounts on services. Medicare is a program that offers health insurance in the...

Mindfulness-Based Intervention Following Trauma

Background Stress is a common human experience, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a treatment practice that combines meditation and yoga to manage it. It is firmly rooted in the modern era and was created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s. It is a strategy for lowering social anxiety...

Public Health Interventions for Type 2 Diabetes

The key takeaway from the video is that public health interventions are inherently complex but must be specific and narrow to the point of fulfilling their purpose and targeting the necessary populations. There are several intervention approaches aimed at when it is activated, who it targets, and how/what methods it...

Children’s Vaccination as an Ethical Dilemma

Introduction The case study is about parents’ perception on the vaccination of children and the role health care providers should play to ensure that parents make informed decisions. The key facts presented in the case study are parents’ concern about vaccine safety, misinformation from unreliable sources, and the importance of...

Nursing and Physician Shortage

Summary In healthcare settings, nurses constitute the core professionals that facilitate the provision of patient care services. Their overall contribution is essential to the well-being of sick individuals and the country as a whole. As a profession, nursing is attracting a large number of employment opportunities since the need to...

Euthanasia: A Bioethical Analysis

Life’s sanctity and value visibly present the arguments against and supportive of euthanasia. Fewer topics are more controversial or complex due to physicians’ ethical dilemmas when conducting assisted suicide. Moreover, several countries have legal constraints preventing them from avoiding abuse of the practice or setting a precedent for future cases....