Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most burning inquiries about NerdyHound database on this page. Chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Believe it or not, all the materials available on the NerdyHound website were written by real students and then submitted voluntarily. Our team reaches out to high school, college, and university goers to see if anyone is willing to share their work. We also have a dedicated page where anyone can share their writings.

No, there’s a quality assurance process where our team of editors checks the submissions to make sure they’re good enough. Mainly, they look for grammatical, factual, and stylistic errors. They also make sure that a citation style is appropriately applied.

First and foremost, reading examples of academic works can be an outstanding source of inspiration. You can also read them to get new pieces of knowledge about a specific topic. Apart from that, almost every sample has a list of works cited, so you can use those when conducting research for your paper. Finally, the examples themselves can act as a reference source (and you can use a citation tool at the bottom of every sample page for more convenient referencing).

Sure thing, we only share complete papers. Because we don’t benefit from posting essay samples in any way, there’s simply no reason to publish snippets. Works from our database are supposed to be used for research purposes, and that is only possible if they’re available in their entirety.

Again, there’s no good reason for us to charge our website visitors for using the database. If we did such a thing, that would kind of defeat the purpose of establishing a free learning resource. We want to help students who struggle with academics without them having to find ways to cheat. That’s why all our content is free.

It all started mostly with essays, but over time, it became clear that there’s more to academic papers than that, so we started including any written works as long as they were useful and informative. Now, there’s a whole range of paper types: from reviews and analyses to case studies, reports, and dissertations.

Absolutely not. At NerdyHound, we have a firm stance against cheating or any other forms of academic dishonesty. We believe that writing papers is a highly beneficial task that brings plenty of crucial skills and knowledge to the educational process. At the same time, it’s clear that some students find it easier to produce quality writing than others. Our samples serve the purpose of giving inspiration, providing information, and acting as a reference source. With their help, creating your own work becomes much easier, so there’s just no need to try and submit a pre-written paper as your own.

Any sort of academic difficulty may be discouraging, especially if it’s a writing task that requires a certain level of creativity. There’s a variety of ways to approach study issues: looking for help among friends and family, hiring tutors, or even going for essay writers’ services. What we offer with our database is an alternative without any added risks. You get a vast collection of academic paper examples you can use in any way you like, as long as it doesn’t break any rules. Our samples can demonstrate the way of using a specific citation style, uncover additional information on a topic, act as a reference source, boost your inspiration, and much more.

Unfortunately, we don’t post examples by request, as it’s impossible to predict what works we’re going to get. However, there’s a pretty broad selection of samples as it is, and we expand it regularly. So we’d suggest just visiting every once in a while to see if the paper on a topic that interests you is available.

Yes. Although at the beginning we only reached out to students on our own, we quickly realized that there’s no reason to limit those willing to cooperate with us. There’s a special page on our website where you can donate a paper. All you have to do is to fill out the form and attach the file. We will then examine it and publish it in the database.

The selection of academic subjects our database offers is quite exhaustive. We achieved it through the sheer amount of content available. Our database includes works ranging from basic literature reviews to extensive reports and research on engineering, chemistry, and physics.

You can either search through the category that work belongs to or check out the section with relevant essays listed on every sample’s page.

We’re planning to further expand the database with new works of different types and on a wide variety of topics. There are a couple of updates to the NerdyHound website that we’re going to announce in the future.

You can file a content removal request if you’ve donated a paper to our website and no longer want it to be available. Please go to the page and complete the form. Following our examination of your request, we will remove the content.