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Are you searching for an automatic reworder for your paper? Look no further! Check out this online paraphrasing tool for students to take your essay to the next level!

🖥️ Why Use Our Automatic Reworder?

Have you ever experienced difficulties with rephrasing? You are looking into the source text, trying to convey the idea in your own words, but no synonyms appear in your mind. If this situation is familiar, we know how to help you!

Our team had developed a handy tool: an automatic reworder with multiple purposes.

You can use it to:

  1. Boost your comprehension of a text. With our online paraphraser, you can read the same information in different words. It will help you understand the text’s original meaning better.
  2. Ease your paper writing process. Research papers always include information from multiple sources. Our automatic reworder will allow you to enrich your work with different authors’ ideas and get a 100% original paper.
  3. Expand your vocabulary. Using our online rewriter regularly will enhance your vocabulary with sophisticated words.
  4. Save time. Our tool generates a reworded text in a couple of seconds. It takes less time than paraphrasing by yourself.

Benefits of Our Automatic Reworder

Our rephraser will become your ultimate writing assistant! Check out its many benefits:

  • It is free for everybody.
  • It is available online and without registration.
  • It makes your text concise, eliminating unnecessary details.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It immediately generates the results.
  • It provides high-quality paraphrased writing without errors and plagiarism.

✍️ How to Reword a Text

Now, let’s figure out how to use different words to convey the same idea. In the following sections, you will find valuable advice on rephrasing sentences and questions.

Rewording a Sentence Step-by-Step

1Select synonyms The English language is vibrant with words. A thesaurus or our automatic rewriter will help you find suitable synonyms.
2Shorten long sentencesRemove unessential details or split one sentence into two. It will help you avoid redundancy.
3Mix and match different sentencesCombine various text elements to create new ones. This strategy is convenient for overly short sentences.
4Change passive voice into activeActive voice makes your writing dynamic. You can still write in the passive voice, but make sure not to overuse it.
5Adjust sentence structuresUse a variety of grammar constructions to demonstrate your language potential.

Now, let’s see how to apply some of these strategies in practice. Take a look at these examples:

Original sentenceReworded sentence
By the age of 25, she gained worldwide popularity.She became well-known in the entire world in her mid-twenties.

Here, we replaced almost all the words with synonyms. This helped us create a brand-new sentence but preserve the initial meaning.

Let’s analyze another example:

Original sentenceReworded sentence
Technological advancement led to the development of innovative cancer treatment methods. Cancer treatment reached a new level due to the intense technological progress.

Here, we adjusted the sentence structure and replaced the words with synonyms. However, the keywords (“cancer treatment,” “technological”) remained the same.

Rewording a Question Step by Step

1Comprehend the questionRead the question several times before you fully get its essence. Preserving the original meaning is crucial.
2Identify the keywordsFind the words that convey the question’s core idea. Don’t paraphrase them to avoid contextual misunderstandings.
3Change the interrogative pronounsInterrogative pronouns are the words like why, when, and how. You can easily replace them. For example, why = for what reason, when = at what time, how = by what means, etc.
4Keep the context in mindThe way of rewording a question depends on the context. So, make sure the paraphrased version fits into the text logically.

Wondering how these paraphrasing strategies work in practice? We’ve got several examples for you. Let’s analyze them together.

Original sentenceReworded sentence
When did Angela enter university?At what year did Angela start acquiring her Bachelor’s degree?

We changed the interrogative pronoun “when” and used synonyms. Also, we extended the question with details (“Bachelor’s degree” instead of “university.”)

Original sentenceReworded sentence
Is there a correlation between sleep quality and academic performance?Does sleep deprivation affect students’ academic achievements?

In this case, you can notice the adjustment of the question’s structure and the use of synonyms. The keywords (“sleep” and “academic”) remained the same.

💡 Is Using Automatic Reworder Cheating?

Are you afraid of being caught by your professor for working with a paraphrasing generator? Don’t be! Using our automatic reworder is not cheating. The appropriate usage of our tool will prevent problems and ease your writing process. Follow two simple rules:

  1. Make sure you give credit to the author. This is a crucial rule for avoiding plagiarism. After you’ve got the text generated by our paraphraser, reference the author’s name, the work’s title, and the year of publication.
  2. Double-check the reworded version. It will help you to ensure its accuracy.

Thank you for reading this article. Use our automatic reworder and our summary checker to take your essay to the next level. Add this page to the bookmarks, so you don’t lose it. Good luck with your paper!

❓ Automatic Reworder FAQ

❓ How do you reword a sentence?

The best way to rephrase a sentence is to use synonyms, change the grammatical constructions, and flip passive and active voices. Then, compare your version with the source text to ensure the accuracy of paraphrasing.

❓ Is there a website that can reword sentences?

Yes! NerdyHound is what you are looking for. Our automatic reworder accurately rephrases the sentences, preserving their original meaning. It’s easy, quick, reliable, and free for everybody. Try it yourself.

❓ What is the website that rewrites essays?

Sure! Try using NerdyHound. It offers an online paraphrasing tool that helps to reword entire essays. Our software uses various strategies to generate high-quality rephrased text free of plagiarism and mistakes.

❓ What is the website that rephrases paragraphs?

NerdyHound is a perfect option if you need to reword a paragraph. Just copy the text, insert it into a box, click the button, and get an instant result. Our automatic reworder will accurately convey the original idea using different words.

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