Meet the Hound!

Thank you for taking time to learn more about NerdyHound!
This project started out of the desire to help students who struggle with writing assignment. At the same time, we didn’t want to help them cheat and take away the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills. After some considerations, we decided that the best way of doing that would be to build a vast database of essay samples that would cover the widest spectrum of academic subjects possible.

Meet the Hound!

Our Goal

The main objective that we’re chasing is assisting students with their assignments and helping them improve in the process. We want to make them understand that with proper aid, they’re capable of dealing even with the toughest tasks.

Our Vision

We believe that it’s possible to succeed in academic field with enough motivation and inspiration. That’s exactly what our database of samples provides. Not only that, but we also give a source of information that’s going to be helpful in tackling the assignments.

Things That Make Us Stand Out

These are the aspects that make NerdyHound samples database special.


All the works are checked to fit the requirements of containing no spelling, grammar, and stylistic mistakes whatsoever.


All the papers in our database are written by real students. We receive them by reaching out or through voluntary donations.


Our samples are well-structured and include detailed information about their contents, as well as a citation tool for quick referencing.